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About Us

Shah Indra is a company that specialises in production of bespoke handcrafted accessories adorned in the finest Brunei Tenunan - a treasured woven material handloomed using centuries-old perfected methods inspired by the Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam’s ancient history and enchanting beauty.
Creation of Shah Indra products revolves around the idea of Reinterpreted Heritage, an idea that pioneers a special appreciation for a preserved culture and heritage that is Bruneian, interpreted and experienced within a modern perspective. Such exciting creative transformation and combination conveys the message that pride for culture in its contemporary style should be a celebrated act amongst all. From this, Shah Indra provides a new choice for exquisitry.
At first, the Malay-Muslim headpiece “Songkok” was redesigned with an eye for opulence yet with passion for expressing history through a variety of Tenunan designs that tells their own stories, which then had created an astonishing following. Journey to reinventing classic essentials expands to handmade silver studs, tenunan neckties and Muslim prayer mats or “Sejadah” with uncompromised in its craftmanship.
Heritage-meets-class have become hallmarks of the brand to ensure ownership treasure for life.